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About Baltic Marine

Efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness

Baltic Marine Spedition UAB is based in Klaipeda, Lithuania. It is a very convenient strategic logistics centre connecting road, water and rail transport flows. The Port of Klaipėda is the only non-freezing port in the eastern Baltic Sea. Our company has all the necessary licenses and experience accumulated over a long period of time, as well as reliable partners in all countries of the world. We value each and every one of our clients, which is why we carry out all the assigned work precisely and on time.

Currently, our main freight traffic flows through Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Every day, we fly cargo from Asia to various countries around the world.

Company Principles

Our philosophy



Becoming one of the strongest and most reliable logistics service providers in Lithuania is a challenge that requires consistency, effective leadership and strategic development. This is our vision, and we are committed to it.



To provide only quality services and minimise all the hassle of shipping, paperwork and formalities. This corporate mission not only emphasises high quality standards, but also a strong commitment to innovation in order to optimally integrate logistics operations from start to finish.



Finding the best solution for the customer in terms of time, price and quality is a key objective of our company. This mission reflects a shared ambition to combine the three key aspects of time, price and quality in a way that makes the customer feel satisfied and appreciative of the services or products provided.

We transport freight in a variety of ways

Our long-standing experience in logistics and the close relationships we have built up with our partners around the world ensure that your cargo is delivered quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest quality, regardless of its size or hazard. Our working principles are: to provide prompt and accurate information, to meet our financial obligations in a fair and timely manner, to compensate for damages and losses and to keep our word.



Mantas Sakalauskas is a charismatic and highly skilled leader, inspired to achieve the highest results. His leadership style is based on transparency, innovation and strategicity, which are the keys to the company's success. This energetic leader has a strong grasp of the business environment, and his vision and commitment to the growth and development of the company are key to the company's long-term success journey.