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Freight transport services


UAB Baltic Marine Spedition

Efficient logistics solutions

We are located in Klaipėda, a very convenient strategic logistics centre connecting road, water and rail transport flows. Our company has all the necessary licenses and experience accumulated over a long period of time, as well as reliable partners in all countries of the world.


Rail transport

Rail delivery from China to Vilnius in 9 days.

Maritime transport

Freight transport on all container shipping and sea ferry lines.

Land transport

Full and partial loads in various types of trucks.

Air transport

Air freight for express cargo.

Sale of sea containers and tanks

We sell various types of sea containers and tanks.

Storage services

Warehousing services in Lithuania, Europe, Russia.

Oversized cargo

Oversized freight transport using various transport schemes.

Transport of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods, sticker labelling services and the necessary certificates.

Why choose us?

Quality, experience, speed

Our licensed company has many years of experience and provides a high quality service. We work with trusted partners around the world, delivering every project with precision and on time.

Freight flows

Main destinations: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Daily flights from Asia.


Finding the best solution for the client in terms of time, price and quality.


Providing prompt and accurate information, meeting financial commitments honestly and on time, making good any damage or loss, and keeping your word.


To become one of the strongest and most reliable logistics service providers in Lithuania.